Tuesday, May 26, 2009


And to think all the Leftist media had to say today before this is that she is 'Rican...

Sotomayor would be sixth Catholic justice

OMG..imagine...a damn Catholic...what the hell has happened to Obama's thought process?

You have to wonder

With what President Obama did yesterday in sending a wreath to an All Black Military graveyard DESPITE calls from Ayers to stop it, did he fully expunge their past friendships or was this a sign of a lie being perpetrated on US?

"It a good sign for this history of this country," said Smith, a former Washington, D.C., city councilman who helped establish the African American Civil War Memorial. He said he has been trying since 1998 to persuade a president to pay tribute to the 200,000 members of "colored regiments," as they were then known, who helped the Union win.

Obama did not make a personal appearance at the memorial, which is located less than 2 miles north of the White House in a once all-black neighborhood that has now been integrated.

Instead the president followed tradition by laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. Obama also sent a wreath to the Confederate veterans' memorial at Arlington Cemetery. He did so despite a public letter from a group of professors asking him to break that presidential practice. Among those who signed the letter is 1960s radical William Ayers, a University of Chicago professor. Ayers helped found the radical group the Weather Underground that carried out bombings at the Pentagon and the Capitol.

I commend him on this rejection, but I hope it wasn't "smoke and mirrors"...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I can't believe a non-military asshat is in the White House...sad...really really sad.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What an ASSHOLE !

He held a party for grown Millionaires and told the 150 5-6 year olds too bad you were stuck in traffic...raise more money and come back another day.

Yeah, I hope you are proud of this clown.


No shame for this guy...

thank you "Gay Patriot"

I borrowed this to prove that I am not alone in this line of thinking...

Obama Blames Bush While Adopting his Policies

Sometimes, when events of the day prevent me from blogging on something in a timely manner, by the time I sit down to write, I found that other bloggers (or pundits) have pretty much said what I have to say–and often better than I could say it. And in the case of the dueling speeches yesterday, two bloggers did just that.

As we all know, President Obama helped elevate an address of Vice President Cheney by scheduling his speech “shortly after news surfaced that Cheney was planning his.“ The contrast showed that Obama is not particularly good on defense (in the tactical rather than policy sense of the term) something that might come to haunt him should the media become less fawning and more critical.

Writing on the New York Times’s web-page, Andrew McCarthy of the National Review, offers:

The need to castigate his predecessor, even as he substantially adopts the Bush administration’s counterterrorism policy, is especially unbecoming in a president who purports to transcend our ideological divisions.

Jennifer Rubin used Charles Krauthammer’s most recent column to make a similar point. He has observed that the President was, by and large, adopting his predecessor’s policies, concluding, “Bush policies in the war on terror won’t have to await vindication by historians. Obama is doing it day by day. His denials mean nothing. Look at his deeds.” Building on that point, Rubin wonders why the President Doth Protest Too Much:

And that, more than anything, might explain the oddly purposeless speech yesterday. The president did indeed protest too much, suggesting how much it must pain him (and certainly his disappointed supporters) to concede how much Bush got right. He might disparage the motives of his predecessor — how pedestrian that they should succumb to the urge for self-preservation, he sniffs — but he can’t escape the world in which he must now govern. Just as Bush did, he must find a secure location away from American cities and towns to house the worst-of-the-worst. Just as Bush did, he must find a procedure for processing wartime detainees. Just as Bush, he must avoid defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan. And on and on it goes.

Yes, it must be infuriating to realize the all-purpose bogeyman of the Left had these challenges and more or less got it “right.” So Obama must pout and fuss, try to stomp on the news cycle of his predecessor’s vice president and deny, deny, and deny.

The President lacks the humility to credit his predecessor for developing policies he’s now adopted as his own. And either to please his base or to satisfy his own sense of self-righteousness, he feels it incumbent upon himself to continue to attack that good man.

That’s hardly post-partisan politics. That’s returning to that old Washington pattern, as one politician put it, “where everybody is always looking for somebody else to blame.

It seems Barack Obama is still in campaign mode, preferring attacking his predecessor to uniting the nation.

When has an incumbent President of the United States so readily and regularly sought to shift the blame to his political rivals?



    After 120 days do we really still expect this gang of boobs to make any sense. It is why the usual leftists in here rarely defend anymore. Whether it is the anti terror doctrines, Bidens daily gaffes or Pelosi slander of honorable Americans, this group has embarrassed even their most nutty supporters.

    Comment by Gene on Pennsylvania — May 22, 2009 @ 8:03 pm - May 22, 2009

  2. Breaking News,
    Obamas daily blunder.
    Obamateleprompter meets with multi millionaires while he leaves
    kindergarten class sobbing……
    This truely saddens me.
    Is there no end to the gaffes mistakes and fumbles?
    Morons, boobs and cheats.

    Comment by Gene in Pennsylvania — May 22, 2009 @ 8:18 pm - May 22, 2009


ya know, it's really starting to piss me off. This whole Obama vs. Cheney thing. Cheney KNOWS he is right about torture, Obama and Pelosi KNOW they are wrong, but what are they to do? Do they DARE tell the truth, the truth that would speak volumes about the IMPORTANCE of torture, the importance of the knowledge WE learned? Or do they just sit on their hands, like little children, caught stealing candy from the local 5 and dime?

Yeah, I think Obama is nothing but a puppet, someone who stands behind a podium and opens his mouth and lets the telepromptor do all the talking. His speech writer is an amazing person...too bad it doesn't convey to the President. I lived with 8 years of gaffes from Bush and I cringed everytime he opened his mouth...kinda how you Democrats must eel when Biden opens his fly trap.

But, more to the point. How can the President talk out of both sides of his mouth when he knows people are watching and expecting great things? How can people like Emmy be so blind to the truth. She wasted countless hours bloggin in favor of him and it cost her her full time job. I would have fired her just as I would have fired fuzzy Bunny for all his postings during school hours. It amazes me the school teachers have nothing better to do than sit and tell the world (on our dime) what they think. Then you wonder why the schools suck...too much wasted time and too much pay for those that abuse the system.

Anyhow, the Liberals got their wish, they elected an ignorant, inexperienced person of color and they thought he would walk on water by now...NOW WHAT?

Duck and cover. As an American President it is improper to apologize for ANYTHING we do and make us look vulnerable. He did and I hope Americans don't pay for it big time...like the time Clinton couldn't get his dick out of Monica's mouth long enough to catch Bin Laden...

Happy Memorial Day all, hoping nothing bad happens.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I know it's been a while....

but here is something the little Liberal bitches cried foul about and WOW, they did nothing wrong, unlike Obama who still to this day accepts the fact that he lied to the American public and the Democrat youth movement blew him for it !

WASHINGTON – The Federal Election Commission has dismissed a complaint over the $150,000-plus designer wardrobe the Republican Party bought to outfit vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, the good-government group that filed the complaint, argued that candidates aren't supposed to use donor money for personal expenses such as clothes. The FEC ruled Tuesday that the ban doesn't apply to party money, however.

The Alaska governor was Sen. John McCain's pick for vice president. The purchases from such high-end stores as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus drew criticism for Palin, the self-described hockey mom.

The Republican National Committee told the commission that party money rather than candidate campaign money was used for the purchases.

"We have no information to the contrary," the FEC wrote in its decision.

The RNC also argued that the shopping spree was allowed under campaign finance rules that let the party spend on behalf of and in coordination with presidential campaigns.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thanks Slublog

Now maybe the Liberal dems can wrap their hands around it, accept it and choke on it !


Monday, May 4, 2009

YOU think Specter is a good guy now...

what about how he fucked this country back in the day...YOU probably don't remember but WE can't forget...

Eighteen months later, Maddux's decomposing corpse was found by police in a trunk stored in a closet in Einhorn's apartment. Upon being confronted by police with this discovery, Einhorn reportedly replied "you found what you found". Einhorn's bail was reduced to $40,000 at the request of his attorney, Arlen Specter; Einhorn was released from custody in advance of his trial by paying 10% of the bond's value, or $4,000.

Thankfully after being on the run for 16 years, this scumbag was captured. Specter fucked this up and allowed a criminal to go free...sounds familiar...no wonder he is re-joining the Democrats...you guys deserve him.


Today's FUNNY !

MONICA? You under there? I need "something"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Interesting !

Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes has given perhaps his most dire warning yet, saying that the Obama administration is preparing to stage terror attacks, declare martial law and cancel the 2012 elections, which is why they are demonizing their political enemies as criminals and terrorists.