Saturday, May 23, 2009


ya know, it's really starting to piss me off. This whole Obama vs. Cheney thing. Cheney KNOWS he is right about torture, Obama and Pelosi KNOW they are wrong, but what are they to do? Do they DARE tell the truth, the truth that would speak volumes about the IMPORTANCE of torture, the importance of the knowledge WE learned? Or do they just sit on their hands, like little children, caught stealing candy from the local 5 and dime?

Yeah, I think Obama is nothing but a puppet, someone who stands behind a podium and opens his mouth and lets the telepromptor do all the talking. His speech writer is an amazing person...too bad it doesn't convey to the President. I lived with 8 years of gaffes from Bush and I cringed everytime he opened his mouth...kinda how you Democrats must eel when Biden opens his fly trap.

But, more to the point. How can the President talk out of both sides of his mouth when he knows people are watching and expecting great things? How can people like Emmy be so blind to the truth. She wasted countless hours bloggin in favor of him and it cost her her full time job. I would have fired her just as I would have fired fuzzy Bunny for all his postings during school hours. It amazes me the school teachers have nothing better to do than sit and tell the world (on our dime) what they think. Then you wonder why the schools suck...too much wasted time and too much pay for those that abuse the system.

Anyhow, the Liberals got their wish, they elected an ignorant, inexperienced person of color and they thought he would walk on water by now...NOW WHAT?

Duck and cover. As an American President it is improper to apologize for ANYTHING we do and make us look vulnerable. He did and I hope Americans don't pay for it big the time Clinton couldn't get his dick out of Monica's mouth long enough to catch Bin Laden...

Happy Memorial Day all, hoping nothing bad happens.

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