Saturday, March 7, 2009

SOoo, type into Google,

The term "Diet Supplements" and you get back a total of over 121 MILLION results...

Seems a BIT extreme...and not one of these is evaluated by the FDA for safety, health benefits OR distaster possibilities. I find that shocking , to the extent, that the FDA cannot even inspect a Peanut Factory correctly. However, this town of ours I think does a good job of inspecting and keep safe the restaurants.

That being said, it is up to YOU to check out your favorite dive and see how they stack up. Raw food over cooked, correct temps, glove use...ect.

To help YOU, I have found some BAD stuff out there...follow the links if you eat at the particular place...good luck;

The Joyful Cafe, Lexington...bugs on floor and poison near ice Machine....

AFC Suchi @ debris in ice scoop holder, foods not labeled with warnings

Angelo's PizzaTeria, Staunto, Vanilla yogurt mix at 58 degrees..Yuck

I would go on but I'm getting sick just reading the criticals out there. Look up your fav and BE CAREFUL!


maaadddog said...

As a security guard at a small campus in Florida in the early 80s we used to employ our master keys to commandeer a snack in the middle of the night. I often walked into the kitchen, turned on the lights, and you couldn't take a step without squashing cockroaches. It was very similar--tho not quite as extreme--to the Indiana Jones bug scene. (In fairness, Florida is infested with cockroachs and palmetto bugs to a nth degree more than VA.)

I have looked at that website before, very handy. I'm guessing VA has much more stringent health standards than FL did.

Frankie, being a non-local, I don't know the story about your restaurant. Don't I recall it went out of bidness? What was it? What type food? I really truly have always dreamed of opening my own restaurant. I'm jealous.

[This is John Doe]

An honest American said...

Yeah John, we had to close. Since we first opened we had resistance from our landlord and it spiraled downward fast. I'll post the whole letter I wrote to others in a minute.