Thursday, March 5, 2009

ya know, maybe you don't understand.

YOU support a person who lied to his voters...I DON'T
YOU support a person that thinks the poorest deserve the wealth...I DON'T
YOU support a person that wants to bankrupt an entire industry then all of a sudden PROMOTES CLEAN COAL...I DON'T
YOU support a person that lives to hide people he has befriended for years (terrorists, preachers, bankers ect)...I DON'T

Need I go on? YOU elected a person on speeches alone, NO experience, NO trust, NO honesty, NO transparency, NO safe streets in HIS neighborhoods, NOTHING BUT LIES AND CORRUPTION (see CHICAGO) ...but now YOU say I don't know what the hell I am taking about...Wright? Well, keep it in your house cuz WE don't want it in ours. You take your path and enjoy, as I will walk along life on MY path.

I may just be a lowly fucking cook, but I know what I support, and a man and his wife who didn't have the balls to be proud of the country that got him to the biggest prize in the world until being guided to it, is someone I cannot respect. People made an ass out of Bush2 so prepare yourself for the same from a socialistic man looking to control our world. You will see it one day and then you can walk on my path with US.

You don't like it? I no longer care...if I ever did. You were fooled, buy a mirror and appreciate the end. YOU deserve it. Just don't fool the kids that look up to you.

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