Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Man, people are SOOOO sensitive.

As the Dallas Stars visit the Calgary Flames tonight, the Canadian media had been hoping and praying for some sort of nasty fallout from Sean Avery's comments to ESPN about Jarome Iginla being a player "no one cares about."

Well, Iginla didn't exactly play along in creating a feud. But leave it to Avery to chum the water for the media in a rather hilarious way this afternoon with this statement:

"Uh, I'm really happy to be back in Calgary. I love Canada.

"And I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about.

"Enjoy the game tonight."


Get over it, remember the whole "Sticks and Stones" thing?

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