Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So, the 3 of you should be proud now...Wright?

Why is it now that your elected one is in office, do you not support his CHANGE? Mainly because it is not THE change YOU wanted...TOO BAD.

But I'm sure everyone, probably even the evil bitch is glad to see another Clinton in office. Hell, maybe she will have an intern go down on her. That should be just about right.

The reason the likes of you 3 are SO over the top with being a DemocRAT has more to do with your tiny mind set than it has to with party affiliation, and why GOOD people like the hard working farmers far outshine you. Your mind set about being OK with where you are NOW is where you will ALWAYS be. You have no desire to better yourselves and it is what is holding the US back. You 3 seem to think that those of you that are too lazy to push for better should still get some of whatever is in someone else's pocket.


The world is not fair, and you wish to correct that by "Sharing the wealth" ?

You went to COLLEGE, payed for by someone else I am sure, so you wouldn't have to serve your country, which doesn't shock ME or my readers because of the name calling...or did you forget THAT ?

You 3 sit in your little offices while people around you walk on egg shells and then when you feel like you did ENOUGH for today, you find each other and pat each other on the back, because "We are so proud to elect an unqualified, uniformed, ignorant racist". You 3 should be proud.

When I posted elsewhere about just how far around Obama's head would spin when learning about the true dangers of the world, you all scoffed. Now that he is KEEPING people in jobs that were put there by far smarter people than him, it is pissing you off...GOOD ! You all drank the Kook-Aid and it tastes just like recycled astronaut piss...Right?

Oh, BTW, where the hell is Biden, do they keep him locked up? Ever since telling the WORLD about a challenge the new president would face and how the world would just have to blindly support him even though it would be likely that he was responding wrong, you still elected these 2...congrats...ASSHOLES !

I sure as hell hope you 3 are proud and respond negatively when the shit hits the fans and it's not roses and tulips...unless those 2 lips are on Hillary's organ.

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