Thursday, December 11, 2008

You know, some people just piss me off...

Emmy thins I'm calling people names when I use the DemocRATS name, but that what they act like. Little rats running around with their head so far up the other guys ass, it's sickening. Why do they have to swallow the Kool Aid in gulps and believe that EVERYTHING any of them say is gospel?

Union leaders want a process where they can force people to vote in public i.e. no private voting places. Like having everyone know who YOU voted for...I didn't think so...but that is what it equals.

CHANGE, are you kidding me, the only thing changing is we are going further into debt because Obama is planning on a HUGE public works project. Where O' Where is the money coming from to pay these workers? YOU can't answer and either can I.

Oh so many talking points but I will give up because they are not smart enough not to shit on their own feet...if you can understand that.

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