Sunday, November 9, 2008

Did you know...

that the Vietnam Wall in DC turns 25 this year?

Have YOU been there? Or are you of the belief because YOU think the war was wrong, you choose to ignore the soldiers that have died? Did YOU know that the youngest soldier killed in Vietnam was 15...yep, 15. He has altered his birth certificate and was sent to war just after he turned 15, was shot and killed.

But YOU probably don't give a damn about those kids or the men that returned, only to be spit upon by a gutless, faceless nation of ignorant pigs.

I would love to see YOU spit on someone in front of me, I would go to jail and you would need to see a dentist.

Unity, YOU see, is a lie to democRATS. YOU unite only when YOU think YOU need something. Pres. Elect Obama wants the Republicans and DemocRATS to unite to pass ANOTHER stimulus package. Why not UNITE and get a job instead of waiting on government to help your sorry ass. There is A LOT of work out there...and it pays well. I offered to get YOU a job, but no one has asked me how yet.

If you are unskilled, then YOU are stupid. High school gave YOU the oppurtunity to learn a trade. Why did YOU waste that effort.

I have been through tougher times than most of you and YOU sit there and expect the government to cover YOUR lazy ass.

Pres. Elect Obama needs a nation of workers, not whiners. He cannot come to your house and clean up the lead based paint or watch your kids, or lower your rent. Why in the world would you have 5 kids anyway, because YOU can? Bullshit, you had 5 kids because you were irresponsible...plain and simple. Condoms, birth control or swalowing would have prevented that. Abstance also works. YOU don't want YOUR children to be burdened with a MISTAKE, do you? Hell, Mr. Obama doesn't, but that didn't stop YOU from bringing in 5 lives into this world and now YOU expct our President to help YOU out. YOU are ridiculous...Wright?!

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