Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm about ready to blow up...Wright?

If this talk about bailing out the BIG 3. Obama used the unions to get elected, so you KNOW he has to do something...instead of letting them file bankruptcy and re=organizing like any other big company HAS TO!

Just Say No to BAILOUTS ! How many others are already asking for help...LOTS. Home Builders are now companies, families that are behind...just a short list.

A word tot he wise, if YOU know of someone facing financial problems with either their vehicle or house, please make sure to get in contact with the person/company holding the deed. They are out there to help, not just close your house up and kick you out. They (companies like Fannie and Freddie and Countrywide) lose over $40,000 per house right off the get-go. They would rather see you stay in your house with up to 6 months off of payments (then a MUCH lower interest rate for up to 5 years, then a slight bump up) to catch up with other bills, than kick you out and you and they lose. Trust me...this is my main line of income now.

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