Saturday, January 10, 2009

How it must feel to be a Democrat...

I really don't understand how it must feel to sit and watch president Elect Obama continue to pick servants like he is the reincarnation of Clinton. Now he wants to put Gupta in as SG...WOW.

Nothing says "Hey, so what if I am as uniformed as first reported." I bet Gov. Palin is sitting at home laughing her ass off as she watches this dude embarrass his worshipers.

I really wish Lowell ( knew about this site, so he could explain it to me without being noticed by his main stream media fellows.

I think if Obama keeps this up, I won't have anything to blog about, well, with the exception of my enemies Gx, JF'nGoof (whatever) and his demoniac wife Deb SuperFreak and of course the woman that wrote in an email that she thinks I'm a good businessman but dreadfully wrong on everything else Emmy. I do feel for Emmy, having cheated on her husband and all, but HEY they still are friends...whatever that means.

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