Friday, January 16, 2009

The realization is setteling in...aleady

In a presidential election in which the country went solidly Democratic, Arkansas turned a deeper shade of red. Obama didn't campaign in the state, which may partially explain his loss here to McCain by 20 points, but the defeat also reveals the complexities of the country he inherits, particularly in Appalachia and the upland South.

Eleven counties in Arkansas switched their allegiance from the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004 to the Republican in 2008. This includes Monroe County, where, even with an African American population of 40 percent, McCain beat Obama by three points.

Robert Serio, chairman of the local Democratic Party for 30 years, says Obama was viewed as too liberal in Monroe County. "We don't look at national Democrats as being family-oriented," says Serio, a lawyer. "The multicultural thing would be something we are opposed to. The homosexual question would have an impact."

Why are there so many people that are worried where HE is taking us...because he lied to America. He wants truth to be known in the military where NO ONE really cares if you're gay. Why start some shit by doing this?

HE is injecting cheaters and Clinton Liberals BACK into government he SWORE to set straight.

HE is bolstered by a racial divide and the Youth Of America vote as well as the LAZY ASS SYNDROME all of which have absolutely not clue of what is happening. Their carefree world is not coming to them. They think that HE will put food on their table, gas in their cars and pay their mortgages...HOW STUPID CAN PEOPLE GET?

But hey, HE will boost welfare and programs for the poor (unwilling to earn a living off the governments nipple), just how many nipples does Uncle Sam have???

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