Saturday, January 24, 2009

yep, we enjoyed those Clinton years

Date, Place Type of Attack Casualties Who
Feb 26 1993: USA, NYC, World Trade Center A bomb planted in an underground car parked at the World Trade Center 6 killed, 1000 injured Four Muslim fundamentalists are convicted of conspiracy and other charges related to the bombing, thought to have been ordered by Saudi terror master Osama bin Laden. In 1998, the so-called mastermind, Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, is convicted and sentenced to life plus 240 years in prison.
July 1993: Lima, Peru Bomb explodes in bus outside embassy One killed Shining Path guerrillas suspected
March 1995: Karachi, Pakistan, U.S. Consulate Murder Two American diplomats killed Possible retaliation for World Trade Center bombing conviction
April 19 1995: USA, Oklahoma City Car bomb left outside a federal building 168 killed, 600 injured Timothy McVeigh, 33, a member of an anarchist group hostile to the federal government, is convicted of the attack in 1997 and is executed in June 2001.
September 1995: Moscow, U.S. Embassy Rocket-propelled grenade Minor damage No suspects
Oct 1995: USA, train travelling between Miami and Los Angeles and derailed in Arizona Derailed by sabotage. Two of the bolts on one of the joints of the track were removed.
1 killed, 80 injured Previously unknown group calling themselves "The Sons of the Gestapo".
November 1995: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, U.S. military headquarters Bomb Seven killed Four anti-royal Saudi Arabian dissidents, possible connections to Party of God an Iran; beheaded in Saudi Arabia
February 1996: Athens, U.S. Embassy Anti-tank missile attack No injuries National Struggle terrorist group
June 1996: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Khobar Towers Truck bomb 19 U.S. airmen killed Unknown
July 1996: USA, Centenary Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Olympic Games. Bomb 2 killed, 110 injured
November 1997: Karachi, Pakistan Murder of American oil-company employees Five killed Possible revenge for U.S. conviction of Pakistani for murders of two CIA agents
May 1998: Unabomber sentenced to life Parcel bombings 3 killed, 28 injured Theodore Kaczynski, alias the "Unabomber", is sentenced to life imprisonment for an 18-year campaign of parcel bombings as part of an "anti-modernist" crusade
June 1998: Lebanon, U.S. Embassy Rocket-propelled grenades No injuries
August 1998: Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, U.S. embassies Simultaneous bombings 263 killed, 5000 injured Possibly Osama bin Laden, Saudi financier
October 2000: The Destroyer USS Cole in the Yemeni port of Aden Bomb blast 17 killed
we can include 9 / 11 in here too because of his lack of taking Osama.

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