Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's been fun and games...until now.

It is a shame that we must put up with the lies Obama has already given us. The BS about CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN, and not keeping the SAME OL' SAME OL'. is not going to fool anyone but his Peeps.

I now will fly my flag in the Distress mode until something changes. He has lied thru the campaign and now he appoints cheaters and liars. He also tells YOU how bad YOU have it, while we have to pay $150,000,000 for his inauguration...are you fucking kidding me...The Dems bitched about $40 Mil for Bush's...but it's not about Obama, it's about the world and the change that is coming to it.

Good thing he wants to appoint the ONLY person that can understand TARP, yet this fucker can't figure out how not to get caught screwing the public on his taxes UNTIL he gets anointed...FUCK HIM AND FUCK YOU TOO IF YOU VOTED FOR THIS CHEATING, RACIST, SOCIALIST, LIBERAL BASTARD...WRIGHT ? ? ?

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