Tuesday, April 14, 2009


so I got going over at Megan's (www.sunversuswind.com) blog and I apologize if I side tracked her rant.

I have had it with Nobama's stupid daily updates of NOW happiness and joy. This same jackass blasted us telling us we were in the worse recession since the Day of the Wilderbeasts...

THEN, he turns around (right after being told that IT IS NOT HELPING) and says we are on our way out of the WORLDS GREATEST RECESSION ! This guy HAS NO EXPERIENCE but yet Lowell, Emmy, Brett, JFG and his %$^&* (*^#@!& wife, and many more Liberals like Fuzzy Bunny and the great educated students of the college world voted this clown in.

Why o why...easy, they LOVE more government and equality. That is bullshit, equality is for people that work hard and do right in their life. Not the cheaters of the world or the people that want anyone/anytime to be able to access our wealth in America. YOU want to help these scum out, go ahead, mail them YOUR money, leave MY money to me. I know of alot of other BETTER ways to spend my money...say, MY CHURCH !

Come to speak of churches, why hasn't the GREAT ONE been to mass until a forced Easter Mass at the Church of the Presidents? I'll tell you why, because he does not consider himself nor his family to be anything but extremists. "Rev" Wright did nothing for the past 20 years but teach hatred and bigotry in that church that O's made a home. He somehow escaped that by LYING to everyone, including his children and if I had my way, I would send the C & W to investigate. How the hell can you listen and participate in such hate speech without passing it to your children.

All Liberals were pissed off because some asshat inn some backwoods town named his kids after Hitler, but just because Obama gave his girls cute little names, everything is OK. Bullshit, he listened and help spread the word of hatred and more than likely (although I doubt he reported it) made monetary donations to said church. If any other president had tried that shit, they would have chopped his head off or "Terminated" him...just like the Liberals wanted to kill Bush.

But I guess you don't give a fuck about YOUR past actions, cuz warm and fuzzy Obama is here to save the day. You guys are so fucked in the head, the shit left in your anal gland is covering both your eyes and your ears.

Just take 1 minute to go back and trace all the criminals that Obama has associated with...if you dare. You don't and it doesn't surprise me cuz you are a coward when it comes to the truth...but that is your problem. When this moron gets booted in the next election, you will all begin to call Candid Comment and turn into the Conspiracy Theorist and blame Repubs again.

Guess what though...It WON'T be the Republicans that oust him, it will be THE AMERICAN CITIZEN. Yep, NOT YOU, the Socialist American, but US, and when you pushed and pushed, you MADE us fight. We will fight from today on until we push you out the window. Some of you have already fell victim to job loss...why hasn't HE come to rescue you and your brood? CUZ HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU, WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?

Just like he doesn't give a FUCK about his relatives...aunt, brother, brother in law, you name it, he left them out in the sun to dry up and blow away...EXACTLY what will happen to you until you figure out YOU are the only answer to your own needs and NOT the government and sure as hell not the President of these disgruntled States of America.

Had enough yet, probably, cuz the truth hurts and you don't think "hurt" has anyplace in the fuzzy little stupid world you believe in. It's a farce and so is the President and his programs.

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