Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something you need to read Lowell...

Another day, another SELLOUT by the scumbag mESSIAH
To members of God Bless America!

Today at 10:24am
Good morning my fellow patriots! I have been in touch with you less and less recently, but not to worry . . . I have not yet been rounded up and taken to a FEMA death camp. Actually, I think they have a special place for people like me . . . somewhere in isolation. People who THINK are dangerous.

It was beyond ANYTHING I could have imagined. This idiot hates America SO BADLY he has decided to not only give the "man-caused disaster engineers" more reason to hate us and attack us, he has compromised our ability to stay safe. Check the record. Countries around the world have terror attacks almost DAILY. But here in America, we have been "man-caused disaster" free since 9/11. How much longer that continues is anyone's guess. But try and think of WHY this information was disclosed to the world. And ask yourself why it wasn't publicized that 1)we only waterboarded THREE terrorists, and 2)we got critical info that thwarted a 9/11 type attack on Los Angeles. WOuld we PREFER to have spared these three individuals, and opted to lose more skyscrapers and thousands of more lives?

NEWSFLASH! The "man-caused disaster engineers" haven't exaclt been abiding by the Geneva Convention. LAst time I checked, beheading was terminal. And they don't even do this to COMBATANTS, they snatch people up off the street, and behead them on video and distribute it for the world to see . . . for being American, Jewish, Christian, or just "not muslim." We are dealing with people without a conscience, and to think that WE have to apologize for waterboarding while THEY kill innocent people EVRERY DAY around this world and think they are fighting the good fight, it is just BAFFLING that we are the bad guys here.

But then again, we elected a muslim. We elected a Kenyan. And 53% of the people who bothered to vote are either IDIOTS or so concerned about getting a check in the mail that they don't care about the big picture.

Look, I know the THOUGHT of a beheading is sick, grotesque, and even unthinkable. But I made myself watch every one that was available so that I WOULD KNOW what we ar up against. I winced when I saw my first one. I cried when I saw the next. But after that I became more and more angry, and I don't watch them for entertainment. That would be sick. But do this nation a favor. Round up an Obamahead or two, sit them down, and play a few beheading videos for them. Challenge them to sit through one. A men/or woman who can watch ONE of these and then cling to the belief that we have ANYTHING to apologize for, is beyond help. These videos can be found at I have to warn you, watching such barbaric acts WILL change your life. I think if EVERY AMERICAN saw one of these videos, Obama would be IMPEACHED for his refusal to use the word "terrorism," the phrase "war on terror," his desire to sit down and talk with Iran, his insisting to talk with the "moderate taliban," his decision to stop the military tribunals in Gitmo, his decision to close Gitmo, and his decision to disclose our interrogation techniques and even CONSIDER prosecuting those who have kept you and I safe for over eight years.

And again, it is crystal clear now why veterans are being targeted as potential extremists, why the military is being threatened with having their health care taken away(for war-related injuries even!!!), why THE mESSIAH desires to elimiate our nuclear arsenal and cut or elimiate all kinds of weapons systems. Making us weaker and making them stronger is what ALL of these policies accomplish.

And Nancy knew. Yes, now we know. Nancy knew but she said nothing. Now it is politically expedient because G.E. and NBC with their family of propaganda, are painting a picture that is a LIE. I am not sitting for it and you shouldn't either.

Now you know why Hamas, Hezbolah, Al-Qaeda, Chavez, Moammar Khadaffi, Castro, and others supported Obama. And now it makes perfect sense why campaign contributions from GAZA were made to THE mESSIAH'S campaign. And the media said nothing. And a check in the mail was paramount to preserving the constitution. Taking a risk on an inexperienced Kenyan FROM CHICAGO with ties to radicals, terrorists, and criminals seemed a better bet than choosing an experienced war-veteran who had never sought $1 in pork or $1 in earmarks.

The Obamaheads brought us to this point, we have to take it back. Only 53% of the people who BOTHERED to vote voted for this idiot. But nearly HALF of the eligible voters stayed home. Every voter who stayed home is as responsible for this mess as the self-interested moronic masses who showed up to sell us out.

You know what to do America, now do it.


P.S. Joe Biden now enjoys a 51% approval rating compared to Dick Cheney at the same point, which was 58%. What does this mean? It means since Obama has a 55% approval rating, 4% are endeared to Obama for one primary reason: he is black. Oh no, but it wasn't RACISM for 94% of blacks to vote for THE mESSIAH, was it? Ask yourself this: How massive would the riots have been if 94% of whites had voted for McCain?

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