Monday, April 6, 2009

Change HUH?

So, let's see. Obma won toting "Change" let's look at "Change We Can Believe In"...

The unemployment rate Changed...UP

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Changed...DOWN

Foreclosure rates Changed...UP

and now the COST to taxpayers for TARP have also CHANGED...UP

Good job all you smart assed Liberals...thanks for taking more of my $'s and leaving me with the CHANGE!
U.S. congressional budget analysts have raised their estimate of the net cost to taxpayers for the government's financial rescue program to $356 billion, an increase of $167 billion from earlier estimates.

The Congressional Budget Office had originally projected the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program would cost taxpayers $189 billion.


an increase of $167 billion from earlier estimates...not too bad right Lowell, and you have the balls to say your 401K is in good better collect NOW.

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